This all important soup stock forms the base for almost all of Japanese cooking, and imparts umami to anything it graces. Luckily, it is very easy to make and fills the house with a wonderful aroma. Related posts: Miso soup Rice with Chicken and Bunashimeji Mushrooms Ton-jiru Suimono Inarizushi (Inari sushi)

Miso soup

Miso Soup is a traditional Japanese soup consisting of seafood based stock called dashi and miso paste.  Most Japanese meals are served with a bowl of miso soup and steamed rice.  Although there are many different kinds of ingredients that can be added to miso soup, today I will share the most basic miso soup recipe which include just tofu, wakame (seaweed), and green onion.  Please note that miso paste varies in saltiness depending on type (e.g. red/akamiso, white/shiro miso, mixed/awase miso) and by brand, please adjust the proper amount of miso Continue reading →


Suimono means “things to sip”, and refers to clear soup. This is sometimes served at the end of a meal, or in elegant kaiseki meals, after the appetizer or sashimi course and before the entrée. The basic suimono recipe is exceedingly simple, but because of its very simplicity, it is hard to master. The flavors are so delicate and subtle that it is easy to go overboard with flavoring. When in doubt, start with the amount listed below and add from there in small quantities Continue reading →

Egg Drop Soup

Broth is flavored with just a bit of ginger, rice wine, white pepper, and sugar; bolstered with meaty dried shiitakes; and thickened (just barely) with a cornstarch slurry. The broth’s simplicity allows the just-set sunny egg to shine. Turning off the heat while stirring in the egg keeps its texture tender and light. Related posts: Miso soup Suimono Firecracker Roll Vegetarian Nori Rolls Sumeshi


This is based on a Buddhist vegetarian recipe and can either be made with miso, or with soy sauce and salt.  Related posts: Miso soup Ton-jiru Godzilla Roll Vegan Sushi Veggie Sushi Rolls