Tapioca Sushi Roll

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For those of you who are not familiar with this ingredient, rice paper or tapioca paper are the same. These are translucent edible sheets made from rice flour and tapioca flour. On its regular form, the texture of this wrapper can be compared to a thin cardboard. However, rice paper becomes softer and easier to handle when soaked in warm water.

This healthy recipe is a crossover between the Japanese sushi and the Vietnamese summer roll. Imagine combining two of the best fresh recipes around – truly magnificent.

Tapioca Sushi Roll
  1. 4 pieces tapioca or rice paper
  2. 1 piece avocado, sliced lengthwise
  3. 1 piece cucumber, sliced into long thin strips
  4. 1 piece medium sized carrots, sliced into long thin strips
  5. 4 leaf lettuce, cleaned
  6. 8 pieces large shrimps, cooked and butterfly sliced
  7. 4 pieces imitation crabmeat
  8. 2 cups warm water
  1. Pour the water in a big bowl and soak the tapioca paper until it softens.
  2. Remove the softened tapioca paper and place on a kitchen towel and let it rest for half a minute.
  3. Align two shrimps in the middle of the softened tapioca paper. The outer part of the shrimp should be facing down.
  4. Arrange a leaf of lettuce on top the shrimp then top with slices of avocado, carrots, cucumber, and imitation crabmeat.
  5. Press down the filling using your fingers then fold the bottom end of the tapioca paper over the top of the filling. Roll halfway.
  6. Fold the edges of the tapioca paper inwards and continue rolling until the fillings are secured. Folding the ends will close both edges ensuring that the fillings are securely wrapped.
  7. If desired, slice each roll in the middle then transfer to a serving plate.
  8. Serve with your favorite dip. Share and enjoy!
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