Tapioca Sushi Roll

For those of you who are not familiar with this ingredient, rice paper or tapioca paper are the same. These are translucent edible sheets made from rice flour and tapioca flour. On its regular form, the texture of this wrapper can be compared to a thin cardboard. However, rice paper becomes softer and easier to handle when soaked in warm water. This healthy recipe is a crossover between the Japanese sushi and the Vietnamese summer roll. Imagine combining two of the best fresh recipes around Continue reading →

Vegan Sushi Roll Recipe

The Vegan Sushi Roll is a delicious alternative to fish-based sushi rolls, and although appears complicated, is actually surprisingly easy to master. When finished, your sushi masterpiece will reveal a delightful filling of exuberant colours at the center, beautifully offset by the contrasting black and white sushi rice. Related posts: Panda Sushi Roll Recipe Baked Egg Roll Vegan Sushi Vegetarian Nori Rolls Celebration Sushi Roll

Spicy Mushroom Inari

Easy to make, and delicious enough that even serious carnivores love them! Related posts: Spicy Crab Sushi Roll Inarizushi (Inari sushi) Spicy Tuna Mixed mushroom & ham salad Caterpillar Sushi Roll Burger

Baked Egg Roll

The egg roll filling can be whatever you like, I just happened to have a hankering for vegetable egg rolls. You can add meat, seafood, tofu, cellophane noodles or other vegetables.     Related posts: Caterpillar Sushi Roll Burger Spicy Crab Sushi Roll California Roll Burger Bon Bon Vegie sushi Fun facts about sushi and Japanese food

Cabbage Nori Rolls

I don’t follow a low-carb diet, but those who do will find these a good alternative to sushi. They’re light but surprisingly filling. Related posts: Vegetarian Nori Rolls Veggie Sushi Rolls Peanut Butter and Jelly Sushi Rolls Veggie sushi no rice Bon Bon Vegie sushi

Bon Bon Vegie sushi

More creative fun ways to serve veggie based dishes means more excitement when it comes to planning & preparation. More clean ingredients means more enjoyment and less guilt. More mineral packed seaweed means more important nutrients in your bloodstream, so getting what you need from plant food is a cinch. Related posts: Vegetarian Nori Rolls Halloween Sushi Ice Tray Sushi Spicy Crab Sushi Roll Veggie sushi no rice

Veggie sushi no rice

Best eaten immediately after it’s made as the avocados can soften the nori making it less crunchy. Related posts: Vegetarian Nori Rolls Veggie Sushi Rolls Nigiri sushi Vegetarian Brown Rice Sushi Ice Tray Sushi

Vegetarian Nori Rolls

These light and savory rolls make an appealing summer lunch for the whole family. Experiment with fillings as much as you like. Just remember: don’t fill them too much, and serve them right away so the nori doesn’t get soggy. This recipe makes two rolls, which is enough for one serving. It can, of course, be multiplied to infinity and beyond. Related posts: Peanut Butter and Jelly Sushi Rolls Veggie Sushi Rolls Ice Tray Sushi Vegetarian Brown Rice Sushi Halloween Sushi

Ice Tray Sushi

Like most foods they can pick up and dip, this gentle introduction to sushi, which takes only 30 minutes to prepare, is a hit with kids. Serve with low-sodium soy sauce (or whatever dip will get your child excited about eating). Check out our ice fruit sushi recipe! Related posts: Godzilla Roll Mango with coconut sushi Spicy Crab Sushi Roll Inarizushi (Inari sushi) Banana sushi